Monday, January 11, 2010

A Twittonary of Twitter Terms

Via Stefan Swanepoel (Trends Expert, Author & Speaker):
In follow up to my post yesterday on the growth of Twitter I thought it would be interesting to share some Twitter terminology.

Similar to the Web, Blogging and Wiki, Twitter has also sparked a whole new legion of "new" words. Below a list of 70 interesting ones I have seen.
Twittonary of Twitter Terms
  1. Twadd - To add someone as a friend to Twitter.
  2. Twaggle - A gaggle of followers.
  3. Twaigslist - To sell something via Twitter.
  4. Twaiting - Twittering while waiting
  5. Twaffic - Twitter traffic.
  6. Twaunt - To taunt someone over Twitter.
  7. Twead - To read a Twitter.
  8. Twebay - To offer something for sale via Twitter.
  9. Tweekend - Spending your entire weekend on Twitter.
  10. Tweeple - Twitter people, Twitter members, Twitter users
  11. Tweepish - Feeling sheepish or regretful about something you tweeted.
  12. Tweeps - Twitterites that follow each other from one online network to another.
  13. Twease - A person who teases people over Twitter.
  14. Twends - Trends caused by Twitter and micro-blogging.
  15. Tweet-back - Bringing a previous tweet conversation back into the current conversation.
  16. Tweet-dropping - Eavesdropping on someone's else's Home Page in With Friends mode.
  17. Tweetaholism - The addiction to continued use of Twitter.
  18. Tweeter - A Twitter user. 
  19. Tweeterboxes - Twitterers who tweet too much
  20. Tweetheart - That special someone who makes your heart skip a beat.
  21. Twitterholic - Someone who is addicted to Twitter.
  22. TweetIn - When a group of Twitterers agree to get together at a set time to Twitter.
  23. Tweeting - The act of posting to Twitter.
  24. Tweets - Posts on Twitter by Twitterers.
  25. Tweetsult - An insult via Twitter.
  26. TweetUp - When Twitterers meet in person in one's home nest.
  27. Twhepherd - The Twitter employee that finds and restores lost followers to your twaggle.
  28. Twexplanation - Sending a nebulousTweet and having to explain it while offline from Twitter.
  29. Twittercal mass - A community that has achieved a critical mass of Twitterers.
  30. Twibute -- To pay tribute on Twitter.
  31. Twis - To dis a fellow Twitterer.
  32. Twisticuffs - Fighting with a fellow Twitterer over twitter.
  33. Twitosphere - Community of Twitterers
  34. Twittastic - Something fantastic and wonderful.
  35. Twittcrastination - Twittering as a form of procrastination
  36. Twitterati - The glamorous A-List Twitterer's everyone wants to follow.
  37. Twitterer - A user of Twitter.
  38. Twittectomy - Unfollowing friends.
  39. Twittering - To send a Twitter message.
  40. Twitterish - Erractic behavior with short outbursts.
  41. Twired - Tired after excessive Twittering
  42. Twitterfly - Being a social butterfly on Twitter.
  43. Twitterject - Interject your tweet into an existing tweet stream of conversation.
  44. Twitterlooing - Twittering from a bathroom.
  45. Twitterloop - To be caught up with friend tweets and up on the conversation.
  46. Twittermaps - A mashup technology that lets Twitter users find each other using Google maps.
  47. Twitterpated - To be overwhelmed with Twitter messages.
  48. Twitterphoria - The elation you feel when the person you've added as a friend adds you back.
  49. Twitterrhea - The act of sending too many Twitter messages.
  50. Twitterrific - A really good Tweat
  51. Twittervision - locates the Twitterer on a map.
  52. Twittsomnia - Inability to sleep due to excessive Twittering.
  53. Twittertories - Clusters of Twittererers that follow and friend each other with little overlap with other clusters.
  54. Twittertude - Bad Twitter attitude.
  55. Twittfessional - A confession made on Twitter.
  56. Twitticisms - Witty Tweets.
  57. Twittilate - To arouse with Tweets.
  58. Twittish - Too skittish to Twitter.
  59. Twittsomnia - Twittering due to inability to sleep.
  60. Twittworking - Networking with Twitterites using Twitter.
  61. Twixt - Can't decide who to Tweet.
  62. Twhiner - A Twitterer who only ever posts whiney, negative Tweets.
  63. Twofor - Replying to two unrelated Tweets with a single Tweet.
  64. TwoingTwoing - To Twitter about wonderful things.
  65. Twlocked - To have Twitter (writers) block.  
  66. Twoops - When you accidentally send a private SMS to Twitter
  67. Twoosh - A full 140 character Twitter.
  68. Twopsies - When you drop things because you are Twittering.
  69. Twurvey - A survey sent out over Twitter.
  70. Twype - To type a Twitter.
I am sure you have heard many other ones. Lets see how many we can find.

Please share ones you know and I will add them to above Twittonary.
Additions Since the Original Post:
Twitterlicious - Something delightful on Twitter (Added by Susie Blackmon-Valley)
Twemendous - Something fabulous that happened as a result of Twitter (Addd by Juliet Johnson)
Twit - Someone who doesn't follow Twitter Twettiquette (Added by Crystal Pina)
Twetiquette - The correct manner to use Twitter (Added by Crystal Pina)
Twitterbation - When you tweet yourself (Added by Juliet Johnson)
Mistweet - A tweet that one regrets later (Added by Rick)
Friendapalooza - A quick burst of friend-adding (Added by DJ of Real Estate Wiki)
Co-Twitterer - A partner that tweets on your Twitter account (Added by DJ of Real Estate Wiki)
Dweet - A Tweet sent while intoxicated (Added by DJ of Real Estate Wiki)
Neweeter - A new Tweeter (Added by DJ of Real Estate Wiki)



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