Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Top 10 Day Trips

Sometimes you don't have a full weekend to enjoy your down time. Here are 10 destinations and activities that take only a full day whether it's by yourself, with your chicas, your family, or your honey!

By Kage Gozun

1. Viajes del Sol

The brainchild of designer Patis Tesoro, the Viajes del Sol (Travels of the Sun) is comprised of 16 establishments in Laguna and Quezon that deal with art and/or culture. This is not a packaged tour but rather a suggested itinerary for those who wish to learn more about the area and maybe pick up some good eats and treats along the way.
For more information: www.viajedelsol.org

2. Trek through Mt. Pinatubo.

Strap on a sturdy pair of sneakers, slather on the sunscreen, and take a scenic trek through Mount Pinatubo. The hike is over easy terrain so even first-timers won't have a hard time. Some day tours also include a stop at the PDC Spa.
For more information: www.travelph.com

3. Club Manila East. Taytay, Rizal

Get wet and possibly even a tan without having to be at a beach! Club Manila East is best known for its in-house surf lessons at their wavepool. Book lessons in advance through the Philippine Surfing Academy and get your first taste of surfing, without being in the ocean.
For more information: www.clubmanilaeast.com or look for Philippine Surfing Academy on Facebook

4. The Binondo Wok, Chinatown

Combine two pleasures by feasting with both your eyes and taste buds during this tour of Chinatown's best. The tour, led by Ivan Dy, is a taste trip that is best experienced rather than read about. Bring along your cameras to capture the sights of Chinatown, as well as the delicious meals.
For more information: www.oldmanilawalks.com

5. Zoobic and Ocean Adventure, Subic

Drive down to Subic and enjoy two great family treats! Zoobic boasts of the only tiger safari in the country. There is a guided tour of the park, which covers different species on display, including a petting area for the smaller kiddies. Afterwards, if you've still got the energy, check out the nearby Ocean Adventure park for a chance to get up close and personal with marine life. There are sea lion, dolphin and false killer whale shows as well that delight audiences of all ages.

6. The Angono Rizal Art Tour

Angono is considered one of the major hubs for art in Luzon as evidenced by the numerous galleries. Many artists hold residences-cum-galleries that are open to the public. Dona Aurora Street features the works of the Franciscos, Charlie Anorico and other greats. Other must-sees are the Blanco Family Family Museum and the Nemiranda Art House. Round off the day with an exotic meal at the famous Balaw Balaw restaurant, that lists crickets, frogs and coconut worms on the menu. For the faint of stomach, more traditional Tagalog food is on offer.

7. Ilog Maria and Food Tripping in Tagaytay

Make a day of the fresh air and great eats in Tagaytay. Start with a delightful meal at Breakfast at Antonio's (if it's cold, have a cup of hot cocoa) before driving down to the Ilog Maria facility to pick up honey-based products made with the farm's in-house bee hives (the body soaps and the shampoos are very popular). If you find yourself with a need to nosh, drop by Sonja's Garden for fresh veggie dishes or to Leslie's if you're more meat-inclined (they are famous for their bulalo).

8. Siete Lagos, San Pablo

The seven scenic lakes of San Pablo carry large historical significance for the locals of the area. All can be visited within the day. The twin lakes of Yambo and Pandin with Yambo are supposedly the most amazing of all seven. Weather permitting, swimming can be an option. You can even rent rafts from the locals for some down time on the water.

9. Corregidor Island

The historic island offers chances to see an underground hospital (Malinta Tunnel), artillery batteries and other relics from World War II. Aside from these, you can spend the day hiking, rock climbing, and surprisingly, even snorkeling.
For more information: www.malinta.com

10. Lago de Oro, Calatagan, Batangas

Don't have the time to go all the way to Camarines Sur? Then pack your bikinis and head to Batangas instead. The cable and ski park at Lago de Oro is a great place to learn wake boarding, meet new people and get a tan!
For more information: www.lago-de-oro.com


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